august full moon in aquarius + lunar eclipse – sturgeon moon


Happy Mo(o)nday everyone! As you may have already heard, August is a huge month in the lunar/metaphysical sense. We’ve got two full eclipses – today is a Full Moon lunar eclipse, and then on the 21st we have a total solar eclipse! Historically eclipses have been viewed as bad omens, harbingers of death and bad news.

This full moon is in Aquarius, the sign of humanity, authenticity, and a little bit of eccentricity. This full moon eclipse will force us to see what’s closest to our hearts and will force us to ask ourselves some pretty tough questions – what’s holding you back from going after your desires? Is it time to let go of things – be they friendships, relationships, jobs, ideas, or material things that have become toxic to you and your growth? Basically, it’s time to stop hiding emotionally – it’s time to be honest about who we are and whom we love and how brightly it is that we can shine. This Full Moon and subsequent eclipse has really had me kind of returning to my roots and asking myself what is important to me.

If you’re familiar with the indie perfume world, you know it’s very witchy-minded. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is definitely witchy-minded, and for over a decade they’ve been putting out what they call “A Little Lunacy.” Lunacy is a special fragrance corresponding to each full moon every month.

August’s full moon Lunacy fragrance is Sturgeon Moon – A month of bounty, when the fish are plentiful and the corn grows high. This is the scent of breezes passing over the Great Lakes, mingling gently with traditional lunar herbs. Sandy shores and sweet fresh water, lichen, green algae, and whitestem pondweed, with benzoin, cyclamen, moonlit musk, cucumber, blue poppy, and agave.

I decided to wear this scent today for August’s Sturgeon Full Moon in Aquarius and it is giving me all of the aquatic beachy realness I’ve needed. I spoke earlier about returning to my roots and this scent is evocative for me – I’m from the shores of the Great Lakes, after all. This smells like a beautiful sea breeze, and I can smell the scent of the lunar herbs on the air. It reminds me of summers at home. It’s almost mouthwatering to me. It’s very refreshing and invigorating and I feel like it’s got me ready for all this full moon energy we’ve got going on right now.

I purchased this from my good friends Jenn and Sierra at Crown and Tulip. They decant pretty much every BPAL fragrance and make my love of fragrance a lot more affordable – I get to try things for a reasonable price rather than blind-buying all the bottles (which I have SO done in the past. That gets expensive).

Happy Full Sturgeon Moon, and happy Eclipse season to you!


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