summer love: sixteen92 summer collection

Happy Tuesday everyone. This week I’m exploring my favorite summer products and things I’ve been using a lot this summer. sixteen92 is an indie perfume house that I recently got into when I subscribed in April to their Circle yearly subscription, which allows you to try out all of the seasonal collections (with a few goodies thrown in, like discounts!).

Since then, I’ve discovered that I really like the blends that Claire Baxter comes up with, and I’ve become a huge fan of sixteen92. The summer collection this year has been on my pulse points more than once, and today I’m sharing my review/impressions with you!


The first thing I really enjoy about sixteen92 is their minimal branding. Sure, I love a great bottle label as much as the next person, but since these labels and bottles are simple, the perfumes really stand out for themselves. I loved sampling the Summer collection so much that I ended up buying the entire collection full-size. Here are the perfumes! The Summer 2017 collection is inspired by Greek mythology.

Erinyes: Sweet wood, golden amber, wild tuberose, nectarine blossom, lychee jam. I love Erinyes. It opens up with a very sweet and juicy nectarine blossom with just a hint of tuberose. On my skin, it blossoms into the most juicy lychee jam scent, with the woods and amber grounding it so that it’s not too sweet. This one is just so juicy.

Hesperides: Apple wood & blossom, sweet cherry, magnolia flower, clover honey (vegan), hedione. As a honey-obsessed fragrance lover, I knew that I wanted to smell Hesperides. And I get so much honey from it and for that I’m glad! This is a bright cherry honey fragrance on me. There’s the tiniest whiff of jasmine from the hedione, and there’s just the light crispness of apple blossom as well. This one is really really gorgeous, and I’ve been reaching for it more often than not this summer.

Keres: Blood orange, black iris, metallic accord, vetiver, sun-warmed musk, ISO E Super. Keres was surprising for me. On my skin, it is all metallic blood orange. I liken this one to an abandoned cabin in the woods in a summer forest. It’s darker than the others, but it’s still beautiful. The ISO E Super gives this fragrance a velvety smell that goes well with the blood orange, musk, and metallic smell. There’s just an earthiness to this that is really nice.

Moirai: Black fig, black and red tea leaves, ginger root, coconut milk, papyrus. Moirai was the one I was looking forward to most after Hesperides. I love fig scents, and I don’t think they’re usually done well. Diptyque Philosykos is one of my favorites, and it’s a perfect blend of every element of a fig tree. Moirai is very green on me, but a dark sort of green. The black fig is prominent, and it’s not sweet, but is further greened out by the tea leaves and ginger root. It’s not spicy, but it’s an earthy green. The coconut milk and papyrus give it some necessary lightness. I find Moirai pretty moody and dark, even compared to Keres.

Nereids: Surf & shoreline, driftwood, dried coconut shell, pistachio, sweet sea grasses, salt. Nereids was another surprise for me! I don’t normally love aquatic scents, I prefer heavier things and gourmands as they do better with my chemistry. And along came Nereids. It’s an aquatic gourmand – akin to standing at the seashore, eating some pistachio gelato, watching the waves come in. It’s salty and warm and the pistachio is really beautiful in this. I love this in the Aura mist so I can spritz it on my clothes and bedsheets. This is summer in a bottle for me, as it reminds me of vacationing on the Outer Banks.


The sixteen92 Summer Collection can be found here, and there are also individual sample sizes available on the site. Thanks for reading! What are your favorite summer fragrances – or what has been your favorite summer collection thus far? Let me know in the comments.

What else do I have in store for you for Summer Love? You’ll just have to find out 🙂


2 thoughts on “summer love: sixteen92 summer collection

  1. Victoria!! These all sound amazing!!! Why have I not picked up the sample set of these yet? How are you liking the Circle? I hope I can get in on it next time. The fig, aquatic and honey scents all call out to me. I think I will get the sample set next time. I am enjoying Arcana’s Strawberries Crave line this summer as well as Mercy Lewis from Sixteen92. I agree with your thoughts on her branding. Very chic. Looking forward to your thoughts on your Anniversary Sale order. ❤


    • I hope you can pick them up at some point! I think you would really like them as they’re well-done and really all of them are so good. I have Strawberries Crave Rococo and then, Strawberries Crave Nyx is on the way along with Little Man in the Boat and Twirling the Pearl! I think sixteen92 and Arcana are my 2 favorite perfume houses. ❤ I definitely will be posting about the anniversary haul! And I'm still insisting on sending you some of The Surprise Party!


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