summer 2017: zoya wanderlust swatches & review

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Hey everyone! This week I’m going to be posting about a lot of summer collections and things that are just encapsulating summer for me. I initially had a perfume post scheduled for today, but I wanted to get this Zoya collection up sooner than the perfume post! Today I have for you the Wanderlust collection by Zoya for Summer 2017.

As always, Zoya polishes are cruelty-free, 5-free, and vegan! What’s also awesome is that they’re made right here in Ohio, in my hometown of Cleveland. Thanks so much to Zoya for sending these my way!

On to the swatches!


First up we have Zoya Arbor. Arbor is a fitting name, because when I hear it I think green. Zoya describes this as a rich olive green creme and I agree with their assessment on that. What I love most about Zoya cremes is that they’re so saturated and wonderfully formulated that you can usually get away with just one coat. This was the case with Arbor – just one coat with no topcoat is shown here, and isn’t it gorgeous?


Zoya Byrdie (like the singer) is described as a muted fuchsia pink creme. This wasn’t muted at all to me, but it was definitely fuchsia pink! This one had a bit of a thinner formula than Arbor, and so I needed two coats for my swatch. As with my other swatches, this is with no topcoat as well. I have a lot of colors like this, but I think it fits in the collection quite well.


Zoya Cora, a muted coral creme, was such a stunner for me. It was bright like it had a drop of neon in it, but was so totally wearable and I was really impressed. The formula was great, not streaky or had to deal with at all. This was JUST ONE COAT, no topcoat.


Next up we have Zoya Esty, which Zoya aptly describes as a rich bubblegum pink. This one had the same buttery-smooth formula as the others but I found it was just the tiniest bit sheerer as well. I used two coats with this swatch, but you could definitely get away with one if you’re careful. This is two coats with no topcoat. Also not unique in my collection, but really pretty and summery nonetheless!


Zoya Journey is a shimmering strawberry red. This has Zoya’s amazing “glass fleck” type formula, it looks like crushed up crystals on your nails. This is definitely strawberry to me, and I see red, and even gold shimmers in there. I used two thin coats without topcoat for this swatch. These shimmers have some of the best formulas – but Zoya sets a high bar with formulas anyway.


Zoya Lois is a magenta violet creme and it was the ONE exception formula-wise in the whole collection. The above swatch is only one coat with no topcoat, but this formula for Lois was pretty bad. It was really thick, a bit gloppy, and it resulted in a thicker coat than I’d like. I’m not sure if my sample is a bad one or if it’s affected by humidity or something, but I was not a fan of the formula of this one. The color is GORGEOUS though. I wonder if this would benefit from me using some nail polish thinner.


Next up we have Zoya Mandy, which is a shimmering berry pink. I feel like Zoya has put out a lot of these shimmery pink ones, but it doesn’t stop me from loving them when I try them. This is one coat with no topcoat – I found it a bit more opaque than the other shimmers in this collection.


Why hello there, Zoya River. River is a shimmering cobalt blue and is very true to description! I am such a sucker for blue nail polishes and this was no exception. Two coats with no topcoat in this swatch. This is way more multi-dimensional in person than it is in this photo. It was bright and shimmery and beautiful and definitely reminded me of summer.


Zoya Sawyer, a soft taffy orange creme, was my standout #1 favorite of this collection. I’m not usually one to gravitate towards too many oranges or corals because they can go so weird on my pink skin tone. This one was gorgeous – it reminds me of circus peanuts and the formula was AMAZING. This was two coats with no topcoat. I will definitely be revisiting this one in a manicure or pedicure!


Zoya Scouta shimmering moss green, really intrigued me in the press release photos because it looked different than anything I’ve seen Zoya offer in a long long time, in all of my years of being a swatcher for them. When I got the polish, it certainly did not disappoint! This is a moss green with a gold shimmer, that sometimes can give it a bit of a yellowy-green look. This is one of those “ugly pretty” polish colors that I love so much. Two easy coats with no topcoat, and this is a favorite of mine.


Next up we have Zoya Sonja, described as a summery crimson red. If Journey was a shimmery strawberry, then Sonja is a strawberry creme to me. This was ONE coat with no topcoat, and had a really beautifully smooth formula. I really like this color!


Last but not least is Zoya Winnie, a soft watermelon pink creme. This one is really bright and vivid, and the formula was buttery smooth as well. Two coats, no topcoat. It really is a watermelon, and I don’t think that shows up in this photo. It’s not as bubblegum-y as Esty or Byrdie. It’s really gorgeous!

What do you guys think of the collection? I’m really partial to Sawyer, Scout, Cora, and Winnie! These all had amazing formulas with the exception of Lois, which I think could easily be fixed with some polish thinner. Nevertheless, this summer collection has me really feeling summery and I’ve been playing around with them all summer to bring you this review.

The collection also includes three lipsticks, which I may or may not be including in an upcoming post this week about summery makeup! 😉

These are summer in a bottle, and I highly recommend you pick them up! If you’re interested in the collection, feel free to hop on over and check them out on Zoya’s site for $10 each.


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