zoya naturel 3 collection review & photos


Happy 2017 everyone! I hope the holidays were amazing for all of you. They kind of went by in a whirlwind for me, and before I knew it, the first week of January came and went. What are your New Year’s resolutions? One of my 2017 goals is to definitely blog more consistently, which is why I’m here today to bring you the freshest and latest from Zoya Nail Polish – the fresh, creamy beautiful new Naturel 3 collection! The Naturel collections from Zoya have long been some of my favorites – creamy, pigmented polishes that act as palate cleansers from all of the holiday glitz and glam. The Naturel 3 collection is no exception.

Zoya’s creme finishes are probably my favorite creme finishes of any nail polishes in production today. Even better than Essie and OPI, I usually find Zoya creme finishes easily able to pack full pigmentation into one coat. Most of the polishes in the Naturel 3 collection were one-coaters for me, not that I was surprised! For the purposes of all of these swatches, I used two coats over a base coat (Rainbow Honey All Your Base). I didn’t use topcoat for these swatches – the polishes are plenty shiny on their own. The formulas were all creamy and easily spreadable and were very easy to clean up. On to the swatches!


First up is Zoya Cathy, which I had to gasp at as I was putting it on. This is pretty much my perfect mannequin-hands shade! It may now show through with my lighting, but this is the same pink-tinged nude color as my hands, so it gives me that mannequin-hands look I’ve always been seeking. Zoya describes it as a light pinky nude cream and that pretty much describes it to a t. I will be reaching for this one more and more, since it’s close to my skintone IRL, it’ll be a great nude for me and even a great base for glitter polishes.


Zoya Debbie is described as a plum brown creme. I’d say Zoya’s description is rather spot-on, as this neutral polish has a brown base, but definitely is more of a plummy/cool-toned brown. It looks relatively similar to Gina, the next polish in the collection, but to the naked eye in real life, they are definitely different.


Here’s Zoya Gina, described by Zoya as a medium brown neutral creme. If you look at the photos of Debbie and Gina together, you see that Debbie definitely has a cool-toned, more purple undertone, while Gina has a pretty neutral undertone. Gina looks like melted milk chocolate to me. And I’m here for it. Both shades are beautiful and glide onto the nail rather effortlessly.


I was stunned by Zoya Jill when applying it. It’s described by Zoya as a lighter mauve cream nude and I would definitely say it’s a bit mauve-y, but it’s kind of a blush rose nude to me. This one had an absolutely perfect formula and it truly was beautiful on the nail.


Zoya Mary, described as a medium raisin creme, was another absolute stunner on the nail. This glided on effortlessly. I’d say Zoya’s color description is pretty accurate. This one reminded me a lot of an Essie polish in the formula and tone, but I’m not sure which one – maybe Merino Cool? Either way, this is gorgeous.


Last but not least, we have Zoya Tatuma medium light nude creme with a warm base. Compared to Jill and Cathy, you can definitely see that this is more warm, more yellow-toned in the undertones, than those two. This was still an effortlessly beautiful nude and I’m still wearing this one.

This entire collection was, as all of the other Naturel collections have been, a total win for me. I’m all about that fresh, new take on nail polish after the glitter and glimmer of all the holiday polish. The Naturel 3, as well as the other Naturel collections, can be found here for $10 each. Excitingly enough, the Naturel 3 collection also has 3 coordinating lipsticks, and I have a post coming up on those very soon!

What did you think of the Zoya Naturel 3 collection? I’m all about it!


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