hurricane matthew

As luck would have it, this year my vacation to the Outer Banks coincided with Hurricane Matthew hitting the eastern coast of the US. We knew the risks going into vacation, but all of us decided to get down here to OBX anyway, especially since the projected path showed that it would mostly avoid the islands. By the time Matthew reached the Outer Banks, it had downgraded to a Category Two storm. We had power when we got here Saturday night, and Sunday morning at 5:30 AM we lost power. I woke up to an explosion as a transformer blew, the wind whistling outside, the gusts shaking the house. I’d never felt anything like it in my life. It was unrelenting and terrifying and awesome at the same time. 

When the wind died down we ventured out to see what the rest of the island looked like. It was pretty devastating. Giant swaths of land were flooded and it appeared that much of the island was without power. We hunkered down for the day and I spent the day like a true vacationer: napping, reading, and eating ramen. 

Today was a much safer day to venture out, and the island is starting to recover. Slowly but surely the power is being restored in areas (all except mine, it seems, hahaha) and many businesses are open today. I took these photos along NC-12 today. As you can see, those mighty waters washed the roads away, reclaiming some land for themselves. It was a terrific sight; the juxtaposition of raw natural power with man-made materials. I came away with even more respect for the sea, fickle as she may be. 

Very lucky we were all safe. The power is still out for us but we’ve turned it into a fun camping adventure. And you know what?

What’s a better vacation than being pretty much completely off the grid? 😍


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