zoya urban grunge collection: the cremes

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Hey there everyone! It’s that time again – my favorite time of the year – fall! Every fall, Zoya puts out a 12-piece collection that’s always on trend. This year’s collection, Urban Grunge, was no exception. The collection was separated into two parts – One-Coat Cremes and Metallic Holos. I’m going to showcase the cremes today and the holos/metallics are a-comin’! I’ve had this collection for a few weeks, thanks to Zoya, and have been wear testing them to see how well they wear. Onward for my review and photos of the Urban Grunge cremes!


First up we have Zoya August. August is described by Zoya as a full-coverage gray like a fine, expensive leather with mid-ranged, balanced tone. This is definitely a medium gray, and leans neutral to blue on me. This polish is gorgeous and totally a one-coater if you’re careful. I did two coats without topcoat for the purposes of this swatch/review here. This was one of my favorite colors. It encompasses fall for me – it’s sophisticated, more interesting than neutral. Very beautiful!


Zoya Courtney is described by Zoya as a deep red beetroot shade and I’d say they’re spot-on. It’s slightly less purple than a beet color, with some warm brown tones to really give this a rich and sophisticated vibe. Application was a dream – deep reds like this can sometimes be tough. This one was a bit jelly-like for me, so two coats without topcoat are shown here. Such a fall beauty!


Then there’s Zoya Mallory, described as a full-bodied, Prussian blue with deeply saturated color. Again, pretty spot-on with the description here. This one was a surprise stunner for me – but then again, it always seems like blue polishes are surprise stunners for me. This was just one coat – no topcoat – and it applied so smoothly and effortlessly. The formula was a bit thick but truly workable and flowed over the nail like buttah. A beautiful pop of color for a richly hued fall collection! BEWARE: This one stained my nails a bit upon removal, and that was with the use of a base coat. This usually happens with saturated blue shades like this.


When I saw Zoya Noah, I inwardly groaned, but once I put it on, it was a different story for me. Noah is a mid-range taupe evenly balanced between yellow and grey. Taupes/nudes usually go WAY weird on me due to my outrageously pink skintone. This went the tiniest bit khaki, but still ended up being a beautiful, effortless nude shade on me. A bit yellow for my coloring, but it was the odd sort of shade that had me looking at it going, “hmmm,” longer than the others. (And in this case, that’s a good thing.) ONE coat here, beautiful formula, and no topcoat.


I knew I’d love Zoya Tara as soon as I saw it. Tara is a purple plum with a balanced tone between red and purple. I’m not sure what exactly Zoya meant by all that, but it works. When I see plums like this, I definitely think fall. This has just enough red in it to be jewel-toned rather than vampy. It’s a beautiful shade that covered perfectly in just one coat with no topcoat. Yummy fall goodness here.


Rounding out the creme half of the collection is Zoya Wyatt. Wyatt is a true racing green with a deep pigment. This is a bit lighter than the other British racing greens I’ve seen. However, it’s a rich emeraldy green that fits well with the other jewel-toned shades in this part of the collection, and the fall collection as a whole. This one had that same gel-like thicker formula that was both highly pigmented and easy to work with. One coat, no topcoat.

Well, there we have it – the first half of this amazing Zoya fall collection! I found these to be all highly pigmented with one-coat capability. I wear-tested August and got 5 solid days wear with one tiny bit of tip wear on Day 5. (I usually can’t get nail polish to last more than 2 days on me.)

These nail polishes are available from Zoya.com for $10 each. You can check them out here on the collection page. As always, Zoya nail polishes are vegan and cruelty-free, and they are also 5-free. They’ve been my favorite nail polish brand for years and if you check out this link, you can see what Zoya reviews I’ve done on beauty out loud.

I’ll be posting the holos/metallics very soon!


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