friday faves

My Field Notes mini bullet journal and the Pelikan M400 White Tortoise.

Happy Friday, loves! I want to check in with all of you after a crazy week and talk about some of my high points/favorite things/etc. I’ll try to do this every Friday, hence the name “friday faves.” Be sure to chime in with your faves as well.

++ First and foremost, I’d have to say that bullet journaling is a fave of mine this week – it will be a fave most weeks, actually, but this week I really got a lot out of what I did in my little Field Notes pocket bullet journal. I figured that starting out bullet journaling would be best in the smaller Field Notes notebook so I could figure out if it’s something I really wanted to do. I’ve stuck with it all month so far and I’m really enjoying the creativity it’s inspired in me, as well as making me feel more organized and like I might have my head on straight.

This week, I started writing down a word to describe how I felt throughout the day. Monday I was feeling calm (thanks in part to a therapy session with a great new therapist), Tuesday I felt rested (likely due to Monday’s calm), Wednesday I felt loved, Thursday I felt fresh (had a shower before work instead of at night, haha) and then today I feel excited. (Big weekend plans, more below) I feel like putting a word on how I felt for the day really refocused myself inward. Thinking about where I’m at and reflecting on how I’m feeling should be really important to me, and I’m glad my little bullet journal can make it more of a priority.

++ My Asian skincare sample order from RoseRoseShop arrived this week – I had ordered it a couple weeks ago. There are already some standout hits, and my skin is feeling and looking so good.

++ A great weekend ahead – spending time with my boyfriend, attending an ADF ritual, and visiting my good friends Ruka and Michi who just moved into a great new house. It will be nice to just get out of town for a bit.

++ Konjac sponges. My skin has never felt smoother and more normal. The little jelly-feeling sponges work wonders for my sensitive skin.

++ BPAL Nefertiti perfume oil. So beautiful, it starts out light and floral, with a lily sort of scent, and then sandalwood and myrrh come through in the drydown, making you smell of warm, sunkissed goodness.

++ The support I’ve gotten from all of you in making the transition over to this new blog! I have full plans to continue Beauty Out Loud, but it may be a portion of what I share here. Thanks everyone for being so awesome and checking out this new home of mine!

So tell me: what are your friday faves? What got you through this week? What are your weekend plans? Hope you all have a great one, see you soon! 🙂




One thought on “friday faves

  1. I’ve been slowly getting into bullet journaling too! I quite enjoy the freedom of it and it saves money on my hobonichi orders since I’ll only be buying covers!


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