101 in 1001

As I’m wanting to share more of my life (beyond just nails and beauty products) here on the blog, I figured I’d share a list of 101 things I’d like to do in the next 1001 days. I’ve seen these lists on quite a few blogs I follow. Since I’m turning 30 this year, I figured it’s high time I start accomplishing some of the things I want to accomplish, seeing things I’ve wanted to see, and having the experiences I’ve always dreamed of. My list is loosely conglomerated into different categories, but here it is in its entirety, and I plan to track it here. I wrote it in my personal paper journal, so I won’t post photos, but I plan on utilizing my blog and my journal to track these goals and get things done!

Without further ado, here’s my 101 in 1001 list. I started my list a few days ago and plan to have this completed byMarch 26, 2019.

Key: completed/in progress

1. Put together an awesome care package for each sister.
2. Send baby Haynes (my sister’s future child) a great package of stuff.
3. Get married.
4. Have a child. (okay, lofty goals here, right?)
5. Ride on the back of Dad’s motorcycle.
6. Take Alexis out to lunch.
7. Visit Aunt Cathy in Idaho.
8. Get professional family photos done.
9. Make nut roll with my Dad.
10. Introduce Brad to my sisters.
11. Host my sister(s) for a sleepover.
12. Buy Sheldon & Patsy new toys.

13. Take Beth to dinner.
14. Take Ashley to dinner.
15. Send Beth & Ashley care packages.
16. Take a weekend trip with friends.
17. Host a friend for a sleepover(Beth visited and slept over August 7/8, 2016)
18. Gather all unwanted nail polish to give to Staci/Rahel/whoever will take it.
19. Send 3 friends a thinking-of-you note.
20. Send a small package to a penpal.

21. Lose 30 pounds total.
22. Turn my phone off for an entire weekend.
23. Fill up this journal (that I wrote my list in).
24. Take a personal day and chill out.
25. Get a pedicure.
26. Take – and score highly on – the LSAT.
27. Apply to & begin law school.
28. Write a letter to myself for when the 1001 days end.
29. Donate some unused clothes.
30. Hit 250 pounds.
31. Hit 225 pounds.
32. Hit 200 pounds.
33. Take a yoga or swim class.
34. Put $5 into my savings account for every one of these goals I complete.
35. Learn something new on Codeacademy.
36. Practice Spanish more & stay rather fluent.
37. Answer the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind.
38. Write a blog post every day for NaBloPoMo (March)
39. Finish the ADF Dedicant Path.
40. Take a speaking part in 3 ADF High Day rites. (Lughnasadh August 7 2016 – Inspiration)
41. Wear makeup every workday for 2 weeks.
42. Go out to celebrate turning 30.
43. Complete a Couch to 5K program.
44. Pay off Victoria’s Secret card.
45. Create a new 101/1001 list when these are complete!

46. Visit the Pacific Northwest.
47. Go camping at a state park.
48. Take a trip to the Grand Canyon.
49. Renew my passport before it expires.
50. Get the Scion repaired as it needs it instead of waiting.
51. Travel to New England to see the fall foliage.
52. Visit 3 National Parks.
53. Visit Liz in New York.
54. Go to two Druidic/Pagan festivals.
55. Visit a pen show.
56. Watch a beach sunrise.
57. Watch a Lake Erie sunset.
58. Go on a road trip without too much of a plan in mind.
59. Go to ten different museums.
60. Stay in a cabin for the weekend.
61. Spend my anniversary with B out of town.
62. Ring in the New Year on vacation.
63. Go canoeing.
64. Camp in a National Park.
65. Go on a day hike.
66. Go on an overnight hike.
67. Write a list of 50 places to visit in my lifetime.
68. Visit 5 new breweries.
69. Try 10 new restaurants in Columbus. Tried: Native Cold Pressed, Zest Juice Co.

70. Buy an iPad Pro & Apple Pencil
71. Take a watercolor class.
72. Start making watercolor prints.
73. Open Etsy shop & sell prints.
74. Buy a Lamy 2000.
75. Buy a Pilot Vanishing Point.
76. Subscribe to Field Notes yearly subscription.
77. Learn 5 more songs on the guitar.
78. Attend a creative meetup in Columbus.
79. Participate in another NaNoWriMo.
80. Make a piece of artwork for the home.
81. Get a tattoo.

82. Read Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
83. Read 10 “Classic” books.
84. Read 10 books from my Goodreads to-read list.
85. Attend a midnight premiere.
86. Attend an author talk/book signing.
87. Watch 5 “Classic” films.
88. Read 5 books my friends recommend to me.
89. Watch all 50 Documentaries To See Before You Die

90. Kiss in the rain.
91. Make a new friend.
92. Start a happy jar/love jar with Brad where we write down things we love/things that made us happy about each other/life.
93. Rework closet and minimize clothing I don’t wear/want.
94. Volunteer 5 times. (1. Sunday 3/26/17 – for Ronald McDonald House)
95. Try to do a monthly date night with Brad.

96. Start blogging monthly favorites again.
97. Blog post twice a month.
98. Increase my Instagram followers by 100 (currently: 781. As of 4/7/17: 817)
99. Periscope once a month.
100. Buy cell phone tripod.
101. Buy new tennis shoes.

There you have it! My loosely organized list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I’ve already gotten started on a couple of them, which you’ll see in italics. I’ll strikethrough the ones that get completed as they go!